Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Excellent Ball Python Resources!

So here's a quick one for all those out there looking to get into ball pythons (or even those already there) looking for some quality information.

First off we have www.worldofballpythons.com, they have an excellent facebook fan page as well.

Secondly there is www.snakbytestv.ning.com, wonderful collection of videos, very informative. Web show is ran by BHB reptiles, a snake store offering excellent ball python mutations, as well as boas and colubrids. The web show is done weekly, and features anything from snake information to show casing US and international reptile expos.

Thirdly, www.reptilescanada.com a great resource for Canadians, fairly active forum, good for private sales of reptiles, and general information.

Fourthly, and whilst not an information site, Kijiji.ca is a great way to find animals direct from breeders, both small and large a like, as well as unwanted pets going for cheap!

Finally, the internet! There are countless websites out there dedicated to owning reptiles of all persuasions, easily accessible with a google search.