Friday, February 4, 2011

The Great Boa Debate

With the last Sunday of Febrauary marking the date of the next reptile expo, I have been excited to pick something up. For the longest while, this was gonna be the day I pick up my next Ball Python. A Super Paster? Axanthic? However both of these are more money then I can afford with the down turn of hours at work. So upon the realization that I likely will not be able to afford either of these snakes, but still having a vast desire to pick up a new pet, I started considering the less expensive options. First my mind went to Electric Blue Geckos (Williamsi), then on to crested geckos. After the thought of geckos passed, I briefly thought about frogs or turtles. The next thing my mind went to were fantasy lizards, things I would love to own, but neither have the time, or space to take care of properly, such as water dragons, frilled dragons, and monitors. I quickly put the thought behind me of things that are not currently possible, and went back to deliberating the within the realm of reality. And it hit me like a smack to the face, a Boa! I've always wanted a big snake (not reticulated/Burmese big mind you) and absolutely adore the pattern carried by the red tail boas. It seems perfect, and I am absolutely stoaked at the idea of it. Whilst I'm still not 100%, I am hoping I will have some interesting pictures to share with all of you come the end of the month! Till then!