Monday, December 5, 2011

Canadian Breeders Expo 2011

So once every September Southern Ontario (Missassauga) is home to Canada's largest exotic pet expo. We have breeder in from coast to coast, and a few from the states.

First thing was first, a visit to the guest speakers area. Brian of BHB Enterprises (more likely more well known from Snakebytes TV) was speaking. Whilst there was no BHB table this year, Brian still came up to do a speakers segment as well as film an episode of snakebytes.

After watching what was a highly informative (I think at least - being 3 months ago, and on a horrible hangover, my memory hasn't withheld) speech, it was on to the tables.

The first notable table was J&J reptiles of Alberta. Which some incredible monitors, green and blue tree monitores, peach and black throats, goulds, and more. I hope to own one of these incredible animals one day with more time and space on my hands (and cash at a 1500$ price tag).

Other tables had the usual culprits, bearded dragons, geckos, ball pythons, etc.

We passed by the always well stocked Port Credit Pets display.

First thing to catch my eye was the rare carpondro - a mix species of carpet python and Green Tree Python. 650$ somehow felt cheap to me, seeing as PCP sells regular GTPs for 700$. However with there lack of success in breeding I suppose it makes sense.

The rest of the display was fairly usual, agamids, chameleons, pythons, boas, frogs, tortoises.

They did have some remarkable Emerald Tree Boa's however.

There was a small (I use the term relatively) section of large Retics.

There was a seemingly random (I failed to inquire, or really pay attention to the signs) table of parrots and a flamingo.

Reptilia was there with a large display of there zoo animals including;

and tortoise and iguana,

Savanah Monitor

2 burms,

a tarantula,

green mamba,

water monitor,



several venomous snakes I don't recognize,


what I believe to be a copperhead

The following are random animals from random tables.

A particularly attractive uromastrix



a very expensive spider ball python

More from J&J, Green Tree Monitor

and a Goulds

All in all a good expo, look forward to seeing more from J&J and there fantastic monitors. I hope one day soon I am in a position to make a purchase with them!

Boa Constrictor & Carpet Python & More!

So its been ages since I last posted, and my collection has increased. On top of take care temporarily of 4 of my friends ball pythons, attempting to breed killer bee ball pythons (super pastel to spider), I have purchased a Pastel Boa Constrictor, and a Jungle Jag Sibling Carpet Python. The boa is roughly 6 feet, and the carpet python is currently an infant.

My Carpet Python

My Boa

My Spider

My Friends Super Pastel

While only ever having worked with ball pythons and corn snakes before I must say it has been an absolute blast to have exposure with these two new wonderful species. So far I have found the Boa to be a very docile, easily handled animal, eats without hesitation. As for the carpet python, well, I find her fascinating. Very active snake, likes to perch on the deer antlers I've provided her with. Eats like a monster. The only thing I could complain about would be she is fairly nippy. I have been bitten several times. Although I can see noticeable adjustments in her attitude as she grows. And since she is still small, her bites are painless. One of the more rewarding qualities to this species I have found so far is to watch as the yellow develops more and more with each shed.

On another note, I am debating getting back into lizards. Currently a toss up between crested geckos, or leaf tailed geckos. Whilst one day I would love to own a water/tree monitor, or possibly an iguana once again, I regretably do not currently posses the time or space required for such animals.

Next time, pictures from the September 2011 Canadian National Breeders Expo

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Great Boa Debate

With the last Sunday of Febrauary marking the date of the next reptile expo, I have been excited to pick something up. For the longest while, this was gonna be the day I pick up my next Ball Python. A Super Paster? Axanthic? However both of these are more money then I can afford with the down turn of hours at work. So upon the realization that I likely will not be able to afford either of these snakes, but still having a vast desire to pick up a new pet, I started considering the less expensive options. First my mind went to Electric Blue Geckos (Williamsi), then on to crested geckos. After the thought of geckos passed, I briefly thought about frogs or turtles. The next thing my mind went to were fantasy lizards, things I would love to own, but neither have the time, or space to take care of properly, such as water dragons, frilled dragons, and monitors. I quickly put the thought behind me of things that are not currently possible, and went back to deliberating the within the realm of reality. And it hit me like a smack to the face, a Boa! I've always wanted a big snake (not reticulated/Burmese big mind you) and absolutely adore the pattern carried by the red tail boas. It seems perfect, and I am absolutely stoaked at the idea of it. Whilst I'm still not 100%, I am hoping I will have some interesting pictures to share with all of you come the end of the month! Till then!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Excellent Ball Python Resources!

So here's a quick one for all those out there looking to get into ball pythons (or even those already there) looking for some quality information.

First off we have, they have an excellent facebook fan page as well.

Secondly there is, wonderful collection of videos, very informative. Web show is ran by BHB reptiles, a snake store offering excellent ball python mutations, as well as boas and colubrids. The web show is done weekly, and features anything from snake information to show casing US and international reptile expos.

Thirdly, a great resource for Canadians, fairly active forum, good for private sales of reptiles, and general information.

Fourthly, and whilst not an information site, is a great way to find animals direct from breeders, both small and large a like, as well as unwanted pets going for cheap!

Finally, the internet! There are countless websites out there dedicated to owning reptiles of all persuasions, easily accessible with a google search.