Monday, December 5, 2011

Boa Constrictor & Carpet Python & More!

So its been ages since I last posted, and my collection has increased. On top of take care temporarily of 4 of my friends ball pythons, attempting to breed killer bee ball pythons (super pastel to spider), I have purchased a Pastel Boa Constrictor, and a Jungle Jag Sibling Carpet Python. The boa is roughly 6 feet, and the carpet python is currently an infant.

My Carpet Python

My Boa

My Spider

My Friends Super Pastel

While only ever having worked with ball pythons and corn snakes before I must say it has been an absolute blast to have exposure with these two new wonderful species. So far I have found the Boa to be a very docile, easily handled animal, eats without hesitation. As for the carpet python, well, I find her fascinating. Very active snake, likes to perch on the deer antlers I've provided her with. Eats like a monster. The only thing I could complain about would be she is fairly nippy. I have been bitten several times. Although I can see noticeable adjustments in her attitude as she grows. And since she is still small, her bites are painless. One of the more rewarding qualities to this species I have found so far is to watch as the yellow develops more and more with each shed.

On another note, I am debating getting back into lizards. Currently a toss up between crested geckos, or leaf tailed geckos. Whilst one day I would love to own a water/tree monitor, or possibly an iguana once again, I regretably do not currently posses the time or space required for such animals.

Next time, pictures from the September 2011 Canadian National Breeders Expo

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