Monday, December 5, 2011

Canadian Breeders Expo 2011

So once every September Southern Ontario (Missassauga) is home to Canada's largest exotic pet expo. We have breeder in from coast to coast, and a few from the states.

First thing was first, a visit to the guest speakers area. Brian of BHB Enterprises (more likely more well known from Snakebytes TV) was speaking. Whilst there was no BHB table this year, Brian still came up to do a speakers segment as well as film an episode of snakebytes.

After watching what was a highly informative (I think at least - being 3 months ago, and on a horrible hangover, my memory hasn't withheld) speech, it was on to the tables.

The first notable table was J&J reptiles of Alberta. Which some incredible monitors, green and blue tree monitores, peach and black throats, goulds, and more. I hope to own one of these incredible animals one day with more time and space on my hands (and cash at a 1500$ price tag).

Other tables had the usual culprits, bearded dragons, geckos, ball pythons, etc.

We passed by the always well stocked Port Credit Pets display.

First thing to catch my eye was the rare carpondro - a mix species of carpet python and Green Tree Python. 650$ somehow felt cheap to me, seeing as PCP sells regular GTPs for 700$. However with there lack of success in breeding I suppose it makes sense.

The rest of the display was fairly usual, agamids, chameleons, pythons, boas, frogs, tortoises.

They did have some remarkable Emerald Tree Boa's however.

There was a small (I use the term relatively) section of large Retics.

There was a seemingly random (I failed to inquire, or really pay attention to the signs) table of parrots and a flamingo.

Reptilia was there with a large display of there zoo animals including;

and tortoise and iguana,

Savanah Monitor

2 burms,

a tarantula,

green mamba,

water monitor,



several venomous snakes I don't recognize,


what I believe to be a copperhead

The following are random animals from random tables.

A particularly attractive uromastrix



a very expensive spider ball python

More from J&J, Green Tree Monitor

and a Goulds

All in all a good expo, look forward to seeing more from J&J and there fantastic monitors. I hope one day soon I am in a position to make a purchase with them!

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