Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Do Spiders, Bumblebees, Killer Bees, and Pastels Have In Common?

Well for starters they're all ball python morphs. Secondly, it is my first breeding project. Which is to say breeding a Super Pastel to a Spider, in hopes of producing Bumblebee's and with luck, Killer Bees.

I introduced the pair in early November.

I have noticed copulation on several occasions.

With any luck come February I will know for certain whether we have eggs or not. In most likely hood with all the copulation observed we will be looking forward to bringing in some baby snakes to the world.

Apart from the obvious normal ball pythons, spider and pastel morphs. We look forward to the addition of Bumblebees and;

The much valued Killer Bee!

I look forward to updating the progress.

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