Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beware Exploding Pinkies

Beware - someone could potentially find content graphic.

So with this being a very new blog, and my not really having anything to post right away - I thought I would post my snake feeding today. I have my ball pythons on a 5 day rotating food schedule. And today was feeding day.

Whilst my older snake - Betsy has moved on from the pinky/fuzzy rats to the pup's, my younger snake - Charlotte has not. So today I warmed up there food and prepared for feeding. They both currently are very good feeders, and do not hesitate to grab their food (I previously had difficulties getting Charlotte to feed).

So I got Charlotte's food ready, and dangled it infront of her. She struck without much hesitation, and smack.
If the rat wasn't already dead, I would have felt considerable pity for the creature. As pinky's are small, and very ... squishy... the impact of Charlotte's strike ripped the baby rat open, spilling its innards over the cage. Not a fun clean up.

So the moral of my posting this? I'm honestly not sure. But for all you would be snake keepers out there, I hope you have the stomach for potential incidents like this. Whilst rare, they do happen.

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